Natural Capitalism is just a start�this part of the website picks up where the book leaves off. It's intended to be the living, growing part of the book, enabling readers to discuss natural capitalism theory and practice, access additional material, and learn about the latest developments in this fast-moving field.

Other Natural Capitalism Articles
Want to hear what others have to say about natural capitalism? Want to know where to find articles reviewing the book and its principles? Follow this link to write-ups and reviews on Natural Capitalism.
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Food for Thought
A roundup of particularly interesting reader correspondence and discussion group postings. More Info...

Additional Book Material
If you've read Natural Capitalism you know that it's packed full of information. But believe it or not, the book was originally supposed to be even longer. Follow this link to read additional material that had to be cut due to space limitations.

All over the globe, there are signs that natural capitalism is becoming the modus operandi for businesses in a transitioning economy. This area of the website (still in development) will feature news, case studies, and commentary about natural capitalism developments that have come to light since the book's publication.

Other Feedback
If you have questions about natural capitalism relating to your business that you'd rather ask confidentially, please hit the Consulting button at left. If you're not seeking consulting services, but have other questions related to resource efficiency and sustainable business practices, please visit the Rocky Mountain Institute website.

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