Publisher's Weekly calls Natural Capitalism "an ambitious, visionary monster of a book ... the book's reach is phenomenal. It belongs to the galvanizing tradition of Frances Moore Lappe's Diet for a Small Planet and Stewart Brand's The Whole Earth Catalog."

Business gurus and environmental leaders are united in their praise. Says Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline): "If Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations was the bible for the first Industrial Revolution, then Natural Capitalism may well prove to be it for the next." Fritjof Capra (The Web of Life) hails it as "a conceptual milestone on the road toward ecological sustainability." "Three world-class minds. One giant leap for sustainability," raves John Elkington (Cannibals With Forks). "You had better have a copy of this on your shelf or you will not be able to identify tomorrow's companies and industries as they appear before your eyes," advises Professor Stuart Hart of the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School.

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Downloadable Media Kit
The following materials from the Natural Capitalism media kit can be downloaded from this site:
Book synopsis (PDF-40k)
Information for business journalists (PDF-40k)
Information for broadcasters (PDF-40k)
Information for environmental journalists (PDF-172k)
Excerpts of published reviews (PDF-40k)
Author biographies (PDF-224k)
Author photos:
Paul Hawken â€" PC 300dpi (TIF-761k)
Paul Hawken â€" Mac 300dpi (TIF-752k)

Amory Lovins â€" PC 300dpi (TIF-1.2MB)
Amory Lovins â€" Mac 300dpi (TIF-1.1MB)

Hunter Lovins â€" PC 300dpi (TIF-666k)
Hunter Lovins â€" Mac 300dpi (TIF-676k)

Amory Lovins & Hunter Lovins â€" PC 300dpi (TIF-1.5MB)
Amory Lovins & Hunter Lovins â€" Mac 300dpi (TIF-1.5MB)

"A Roadmap for Natural Capitalism" (Downloadable PDF-745k) — "A readable summary of the book's basic business case reprinted from the Harvard Business Review (May-June 1999)
Information about Rocky Mountain Institute (PDF-50k)

Review Copies and Other Materials
We'll happily send a review copy of Natural Capitalism to any qualified member of the media. Please contact Media Resources ( You can also browse book excerpts and download the whole book (one chapter at a time).

RMI's Media Resources staff can also supply media kits and additional materials not downloadable here, such as continuous-tone photos, audio and video tapes of the authors, and brochures.

Author Interviews
If you're interested in interviewing one of the authors, please contact Media Resources ( Phone interviews and satellite uplinks can also be arranged.

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