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The following table of contents provides links to appendices from chapters 5 and 12 of Natural Capitalism.

Appendix 5A:
Designing for zero cooling equipment in a hot climate

Davis Energy Group was challenged to improve an initial design for a house that already met California's strict Title 24 energy code. More Info...

Appendix 5B:
Designing 75% office-tower energy savings at the same cost as normal renovation

In 1994, Rocky Mountain Institute led an analysis of what to do with a vacant 13-story office building near Chicago. More Info...

Appendix 5C:
Superwindows: ten benefits from one expenditure

Superwindows are probably the single most important technology for making possible very energy-efficient, cost-effective, and delightful buildings. More Info...

Appendix 5D:
Multiple benefits in motor and fluorescent-lighting systems

This appendix explains how premium-efficient motors can deliver benefits from a single retrofit expenditure. More Info...

Appendix 5E:
Underfloor displacement ventilation and reinventing the speculative office building

Underfloor ventilation was originally developed for computer rooms so their massive cabling could be hidden beneath the floor where it's easiest to get at. More Info...

Appendix 5F:
Optimal sequence for lighting and cooling improvements

The most efficient lighting equipment is useless if it lights the wrong place, or at the wrong time, or at the wrong angle so it causes glare. More Info...

Appendix 5G:
Large air-conditioning systems1

About 10-20% of the total capital cost of a major commercial building is its HVAC. More Info...

Appendix 12A:
Climate-economy models

Most climate/economy models assume that almost all profitable energy savings must already have been bought. More Info...

Appendix 12B:
Scale in Power Systems

For about a century after the first power station was commissioned in 1882, skilled power engineers doubled the unit size of the largest generating machines every 6.5 years. More Info...

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